Home Inspections

Home inspections provide potential home buyers with information regarding possible concerns and unexpected costs that could be associated with buying a new or pre-owned home.

Pre-Listing Inspection

Pre-listing inspections provide sellers with information regarding the current property condition and recommended repairs that will ensure confidence in listing your property.

Mold Inspections

Mold inspections provide potential buyers or current home owners with information regarding the presence of mold and the type of mold present in a home.


Home Inspection


The purpose of a home inspection is to ensure that the buyer is aware of any potential concerns associated with the real estate property.  Some concerns can be exceptionally expensive, such as foundation problems, roof covering damage, HVAC system issues, and hidden plumbing leaks.  These major concerns could be overlooked by someone who is not licensed and trained in residential property inspections, resulting in unexpected expenses for the buyer.


Several benefits are made available to buyers who have a home inspection completed prior to purchasing the property.  First, a home inspection could potentially save you several thousands of dollars.  By having a professional home inspection completed prior to purchasing a house, concerns that cost thousands of dollars could be identified, saving you money and the headache of repairs.

Second, after identifying potential concerns present in a home, the buyer has opportunity to negotiate repairs to the property.  Once inspection is complete, buyers should go over the inspection report with their agent, and make a list of requested repairs that will be presented to the seller.  If agreed upon, seller will have requested repairs completed prior to the closing of the property.

Third benefit is that having an inspection could allow negotiation of a lower purchasing price.  After concerns are identified by the inspector, buyers and their agents can gather repair prices and possibly negotiate a reduction in the property purchase price.  Thus, buyers can use the savings from purchase price to have repairs completed.

Lastly, by having a home inspected, the buyer can be aware of exactly what they are purchasing.  Homes are often the most expensive investment a buyer makes.  Just as with any other major purchase, buyers should research and be fully aware of the condition of the property being purchased.  The more a buyer knows about the property, the fewer surprises there will be in the future.


Mold Inspection


The purpose of a mold inspection is to ensure that the buyer is made aware of any potential concerns associated with mold presence in a real estate property.  Mold can cause structural damage to a home, create cosmetic concerns, and can cost several hundreds of dollars to eliminate.  Additionally, molds can cause health concerns in humans.  Nasal and sinus congestion, dry cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, eyes and skin irritation, central nervous system problems, and other respiratory problems are a few of the health concerns associated with mold exposure.


There are a several hundred thousand different types of mold.  However, only around 16 species of mold are toxic to humans, as they produce mycotoxins.  Mycotoxins can become airborne and will enter the lungs, eyes, or other soft tissue areas of the body, causing many adverse health effects, some of which can be severe.  By identifying the presence of mold and the type of mold present in a home, remediation can be performed to safely and effectively remove mold and mold spores, while eliminating the production of mycotoxins.  Thus, resulting in better air quality in the home and potentially improved health of the home's occupants.

Oxygen, moisture, and an organic substrate or food source is required for mold to grow.  Structural components of a house, such as wood, drywall, and plaster, make an ideal substrate for mold to feed.  As the substrate is consumed by the mold, the structure and strength becomes compromised, possibly resulting in significant structural concerns.  If mold is identified early, remediation can be performed, preventing the home owner or potential buyer from spending several thousands of dollars in structural repairs.


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